Native Frozen Blueberries

The Passamaquoddy Wild Blueberry Company (PWBC) has been farming and harvesting wild blueberries since 1981, producing at scale fresh fruits among the best in the world. Found across countless specialty food products, our berries have delighted millions of consumers throughout the years.

IQF Wild Blueberries

Our first value-added product is a IQF frozen wild blueberry box. This product can be used in food service, food ingredient manufacturing or further dehydration to prepare an almost infinite number of blueberry-flavored food items.

Our 30-lb. boxes are produced in partnership with a processor operating with the highest quality standards with worldwide shipping capabilities.

All our berries have been recognized as made/produced by American Indians by the Intertribal Agriculture Council.

Blueberry Barrens

Wild blueberries have a iconic place and unique meaning to many Mainers and New Englanders, being an integral part of the food tradition and heritage. With a growing demand and appetite for blueberries, the opportunities to further delight American palates are countless.

It all starts in the barrens, paced by the whims of the seasons and the hard labor of dedicated farmers. This process culminates under the scorching summer of early August as hand pickers and harvesters strive to pick the berries as they reach their perfect ripeness.

Our farmed land cover 2,000 acres of barrens and produces some of the best yields and fruits in Maine thanks to our year-long effort to improve our land.